RURAL SMALL TOWNS IN SICILY, Valledolmo 2030: The healing City

Progetto presentato al workshop in corso dal 15 agosto al 25 settembre 2020

SYNOSIS. The protection of natural and cultural resources in small towns is a topic of growing interest within the worldwide context and aims to enhance the local heritage toward an interaction consciously balanced between human activities. Over the last years, the LabCity Architecture Unit (Department of Architecture, University of Palermo) and in particular the multidisciplinary Final Thesis Studio has been working on the topic of rural small towns aiming to indicate and enhance the territories with regard to their natural and cultural resources through action-research projects and participative approach with local Institutions. Rural communities can represent poles of resilient development based on local heritage, natural resources, creativity and social inclusion as essential elements to regenerate rural areas and to rapidly support their transition towards sustainable future trough essential factor suh as live, study, take care of health, move, experience collective spaces. In particular, the Studio is focusing on the territory of Valledolmo, a small town rising at the foot of the south-western Madonie, on the slopes of Pizzo Sampieri, in Sicily which has long been making its high-quality agri-food industry its flagship, not only for the community but also for the territory itself. Important productions, organic products, linked to closed chain, such as wheat, pasta, grapes and wine, tomato and tomato sauce, olive and oil, represent an important factors in the strategy of development. This is the direction we are moving toward, not only for the strictly purposes of production and marketing, but also as a chance for experiential tourism. The current Covid-19 pandemic crisis has increased local leaders’ attention to their residents’ health—not just in terms hospitals but also identifying new ways to help people get fitter, spend more time outdoors, eat healthier and boost local economies. In this sense the crisis is revealing the crucial role of natural and cultural heritage for social cohesion, local development and mental wellbeing. The rural small towns are considered safe shelters characterized by better daily living conditions thanks to easy to maintain social distancing and access to nature, to cultural and nature-based recreation activities. In addition, rural areas have an important role to play: that of providing cities with food and natural resources, but also a wider range of environmental public goods, including biodiversity, variety of agricultural landscapes (with the possibility of recreational activities), water and air quality, climate stability and resilience to emergencies. For all these reasons our reasearch-action project aims to show Valledolmo as a rural small town can cope with emergencies and build the basis to rethink the current crisis as a crucial tipping point for a resilient development of its territory, adapting existing plans and creating new ways to keep the small town active and vibrant trough diverse scenarios.

_CREDITS. Supervisors. Renzo Lecardane, Professor Architectural design (DARCH-UniPA) Ferdinando Trapani, Professor Urban design (DARCH-UniPA) Tullio Giuffrè, Professor of roads, railways and airports (UniKore – ENNA) Paola La Scala, Arch. PH.D. and Teaching assistant Grad students. Francesco MarinoGabriele MessinaPietro Maria Torregrossa

Video editing and shooting. Pietro Maria Torregrossa Photos. Gabriele Messina – Pietro Maria Torregrossa

Video contributions. “Valledolmo, qui la vera vacanza è sentirsi a casa” by MovieWip “Le remasole del pomodoro regina” by Beniamino Leoni & Angelo Signore “La mietitura del nostro grano” by Spongata di Corniglio “Vendemmia in Sicilia” by Music. “Gnossiennes 1-6” by Erik Satie “Cinema Paradiso” by Ennio Morricone “The Ecstasy of Gold” covered by Carolina Eyck “A New Error” by Moderat Thanks to Mayor Angelo Conti, Municipality of Valledolmo, President DIAITA Carmelo Pulvino. …in loving memory of Ennio Morricone. Video to take part to Busan International Architectural Design Workshop 2020.

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