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THURSDAY, 16 MAY 2019 H4

Location 4 – Comitini Palace, Martorana Hall

Session 8
The Diversity of Mediterranean Food Cultures and Culinary Systems as a Driver for the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet in the Context of Sustainable Food Systems in the Mediterranean Region
Co-Chaired by Xavier F..Medina, ICAF, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC); George Baourakis, Director, CIHEAM-Chania.
Objective: To contribute to better understand the sustainability
of Mediterranean Food Systems related to local cultures, productions, cuisines, gastronomies and lifestyles, as an outstanding resource locally produced in culturally local contexts, in and for the Mediterranean basin
The diversity of mediterranean diet cultures and the culinary systems
Françoise Aubaile. Musée de l’Homme. Paris;

Old Concepts, New Concepts, Diversity and Change; ideas about the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ from a biosocial perspective
Helen Macbeth. Oxford Brooke’s University. Oxford.

The Tunisian model as a component of culture’s food diversity and Mediterranean culinary practices.
Sonia Mlayah Hamzaoui, de l’Institut National du Patrimoine de Tunis

Innovative approaches and tools to achieve sustainable agriculture and food systems in Mediterranean
Parviz Koohafkan, World Agricultural Heritage Foundation;

Exploring links between diet and landscape in the Mediterranean
Alexandre Meybeck, CIFOR and Vincent Gitz, CIFOR

Revitalization of Med Diet through Tourism: The case of Premium quality
food Products.
George Baourakis, CIHEAM-Chania.

10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00 -13.00

Side event 1
Networking EuroMediterranean Countries for Sustainable Food Consumption and Production Strategies using the Mediterranean Diet for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases Coordinated by Regional Medical Council, Palermo

11.00 am ” Health status in Mediterranean countries”
Dott. Giuseppe Disclafani, Regional Medical Council , Palermo

Role of the Mediterranean Diet in the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases
Salvatore Verga – Polyclinic, University of Palermo

Skin and Mediterranean diet
Salvatore Amato, President of Regional Medical Council, Palermo

Lifestyle and prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases
Ligia Dominguez – General Hospital, University of Palermo

Mediterranean diet certification program
Alberto Firenze – Polyclinic, University of Palermo

Invited talk
Role of the Halal and Kosher diets
Musa Awad Hussein – ASL RM B, Rome

Round Table
Salvatore Amato, President Regional Medical Council, Palermo
Mohamed Bekkat Berkani, COMEM
Adam Darawsha, COMEM
Mojina Dourandish, COMEM
Luigi Galvano, Regional Secretary, FIMMG
Musa Awad Hussein, COMEM
Raimondo Ibba, COMEM

13.00 – 14.30 Lunch
14.30 -16.30

Session 13
Research and Innovation as Driving Forces for the Shift Towards More Sustainable Food Systems in the Mediterranean
objective: To ilustrate the main research and innovation initiatives and their perspectives for promoting more sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean countries.
Co-chaired by Mouin Hamze, Secretary General, CNRS, Lebanon; Francesco Loreto, Director, DiSBA, CNR, Italy; Teodoro Miano, Vice-President, CIHEAM;
Facilitator: Giuseppe Provenzano, UfM.

Primary Resources Planetary Boundaries: A Holistic View at the Water-Energy-Food-Health Nexus for Eastern Mediterranean
Rabi Mohtar, American University of Beirut;

New Era in Solving Water Scarcity for Agriculture-Food systems Using Green Technology: From Theory to Application in MENA Region
Ramia Albakain, University of Jordan;

Genetic Resources conservation for the enhancement of a sustainable agrobiodiversity in the South Mediterranean countries
Olfa Saddoud Debbabi, INRAT, Tunis;

The Frontiers of Bioeconomy in the Mediterranean Area
Mauro Gamboni CNR – Department of Biology, Agriculture and Food Sciences

PRIMA-Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area Angelo Riccaboni, PRIMA/University of Siena, Italy
BLUEMED-Research and Innovation Initiative for Blue Jobs and Growth in the Mediterranean Area
Angelo Bonanno, CNR e BLUEMED CSA

16.30-17.00 Coffee breaks
17.00 – 19.00

Session 14
Coping with Food Losses and Waste in the Mediterranean through more Sustainable Food Systems
Chaired by Jamie Morrison, Director/Strategic Programme Leader, Food Systems Programme, FAO


Jorge Fonseca, FAO

Diet change, food wastage prevention and reduction, farming system diversification toward a sustainable Mediterranean Sea.
Lorenzo Ciccarese, ISPRA

20.30 DINNER