The three-day conference will be held in different historical venues in close proximity in the heart of Palermo. The Programme is articulated through 6 Plenary Sessions, 12 parallel Sessions, 7 side events, two cultural dinner events, and an Sustainable Food Systems Innovation Showcase Pavilion, at the S. Cecilia Theatre. The 18 thematic sessions, articulated in three days and in four historical locations in the heart of Palermo, the S. Cecilia Theatre, the Modern Art Gallery, the Municipal Historical Archive, and the Comitini/S. Elia Palaces, will dialogue all together as an open discussion forum on most appropriate conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches to improve sustainability of food consumption and production in Mediterranean countries by using the Mediterranean diet as a healthy and sustainable lever. All thematic sessions will contribute to the development of the Conference Call that will be issued at its conclusion, as The 2019 Palermo Call for a Common Action in the Mediterranean Towards More Mediterranean Sustainable Food Systems: CHANGE OF ROUTE: A Transformational Change in the Region.


  1. Solutions for Coping with  Youth Migrations, Agriculture, and Rural sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region: Knowledge Sharing, Capacity Building and Training as Driving Forces for the Shift Towards More Mediterranean Sustainable Food Systems
  2. Solutions for Coping with Malnutrition, Primary Prevention and Public Health Nutrition in the Mediterranean Region
  3. Solutions for Coping with impacts of Water Scarcity, Land Degradation and Climate Change on Mediterranean Food Systems
  4. Towards the Sustainability of Mediterranean Fisheries: Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries and Aquaculture projects in Mediterranean Countries
  5. Sustainable Agriculture, Agro-Ecology and Sustainable Food Value Chains Development in the Mediterranean Region
  6. Research and Innovation as Driving Forces for the Shift Towards More Sustainable Food Systems  in the Mediterranean Region
  7. The Challenge of  Organic Food Systems Linking Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Mediterranean Region
  8. Coping with Food Losses and Waste in the Mediterranean through more Sustainable Food Systems
  9. Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems in the Mediterranean. A Transdisciplinary Imperative
  10. The Diversity of Mediterranean Food Cultures and Culinary Systems as a Driver for the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet in the Context of Sustainable Food Systems in the Mediterranean Region
  11. Evolution of the Mediterranean Diet in the XXI Century as a Sustainable Diet for the Well-Being of Present and Future Generations.
  12. Lessons Learned from different Sustainable Diet Case Studies: Japanese Diet, New Nordic Diet and Mediterranean Diet
  13. Appeal, Acceptance, Adoption of a Contemporary Sustainable Mediterranean Diet Life Style through Education, Communication and Consumer Empowerment
  14. Understanding the Food Environment in the Mediterranean: Interlinkages between Sustainable Diets and Sustainable Food Systems
  15. Milan Urban Food Policy Pact: Sustainable Urban and Peri-Urban Food Systems in the Mediterranean Cities
  16. Towards the Co-Development of a Collaborative Multi-stakeholder Sustainable Food Systems Platform within the United Nations One Planet Network in the Mediterranean for Accelerating  the 2030 Agenda’s SDGs in the Region
  17. A Mediterranean Contribution on Environment and Sustainable Co-Development to the “Summit of the Two Shores”
  18. Connecting Mediterranean Civilizations: From Expo 2015 Milan to Expo 2020 Dubai